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Intimacy with the Holy Spirit

A 40-day journey into the life of the Spirit

Starts April 22, 2024


In His last moments before His death, Jesus told His disciples something shocking: "It’s better that I go, so the Holy Spirit can come," (John 16:7). There's something greater than God with us — it’s God in us.


Nonetheless, I find that many Christians today draw back from the person of the Holy Spirit because of various controversies and excesses in the church. This has led to great confusion and a tragic neglect of the third person of the Trinity.


This is why I’ve launched my online class “Intimacy with the Holy Spirit,” to move us out of the popular debates and today’s confusion to focus on what the Bible says concerning the One whom Jesus calls “the promise of the Father” and the apostles called “the Gift.”

Join Me For This Transformational Six Week Course 

Starts April 22, 2024

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After twenty-five years in ministry and Christian education, I believe there is a great need for theological teaching that fuels vibrant spirituality.


It is one thing to know truths about the Holy Spirit. It is quite another thing to know the Holy Spirit intimately as a person. 

During this 40-day journey, we are going to dive into the knowledge of the Holy Spirit revealed in the Bible, both the Old and New Testament, especially Jesus' precious union with the Holy Spirit.

Then I am going to give you guided meditation tips and exercise I have learned the past twenty-five years, so you can take what you're learning about God in Scripture to God in prayer and find your heart expanding and drawing near. 

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Starts April 22



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About this Course

Knowing God: Intimacy with the Holy Spirit is a six-week course designed to bring you into a deeper knowledge of the Holy Spirit. It will explore what the Bible teaches about the Holy Spirit, the purpose and function of the Spirit's gifts (e.g., prophecy, healing, etc.), and how to develop a deeper, personal fellowship with the Holy Spirit. 

As with all the classes in the "Knowing God" series, Allen is going to give you guided meditation tips and exercises, so you can take what you're leaning about the Holy Spirit into the place of prayer and find your heart expanding and drawing near to God.


A 40-Day Journey into

the Life of the Spirit


Meet Your Instructor


Allen Hood (M.Div., Asbury Theological Seminary) is the Director of Excellencies of Christ Ministries. In January 2019, Allen founded Excellencies to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth and to disciple the body of Christ through prayer, preaching, creative resources, and the building up of the local church. 

Allen also regularly travels, ministers, and consults with various churches and ministries around the world.

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